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Ixia Testing as a Service (TaaS): Expertise. Methodologies. Results.
Networks, data centers, and applications continue to grow faster, more intelligent, and increasingly content-aware. With this rising complexity comes new performance challenges and blind spots that jeopardize performance, security, and ROI.

If you don’t maintain a full-service test lab, Ixia Testing as a Service (TaaS) offers a fast, cost-effective, and reliable means of evaluating prospective new products and technologies, and validating performance against realistic conditions. Outsourcing to global experts is a powerful way to compare products, execute rollouts on time and on budget, and meet or exceed project goals without incurring major capital expenditure for test labs and equipment. Ixia has the hardware, software, methodologies, and expertise needed to deliver the vital data you need to make the right decisions, and demonstrate their value.