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Hawkeye: Automate network performance checks and improve the application delivery experience
Be the first to know what is happening on your network. Know what users experience, what what service providers are delivering, and troubleshoot network problems quickly. Use synthetic traffic to knowwhat is happening at anytime, including when the network is not being used and passive monitoring is unable to provide information. Your users are connecting to web sites and using applications to make phone or video calls, share documents, screen, using combination of local and cloud based services. Ensure web based, cloud based and voice/video applications are always delivered and quickly pinpoint at problems and identify if this is the network or the application. Most organizations have converted to a 100% laptop model which combined with bring your own device (BYOD), smartphones, and the internet of things (IoT), these trends make Wi-Fi connectivity essential to business. Data flow is as critical as blood to our brains! Ensure your users are getting the best Wi-Fi connectivity for the best experience possible.