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Ixia WAN Site Assessments: Ensure Applications Succeed
Delivering high-quality voice and video in unified communications (UC) and other complex applications is one of the toughest challenges facing today’s IT teams. Throughout design and deployment, site assessments must address the wide area network (WAN) by loading the network with real traffic from real devices, and using industry-leading algorithms to measure network performance—latency, jitter, voice/video quality, and the like.

Ixia WAN Site Assessments reduce risk, improve ROI, quantify network performance, and maximize the user experience by baselining the network’s readiness to support applications, isolating potential problems early on, and quantifying the ultimate end-user experience. Using a proven, cost-efficient process, Ixia provides an active network test solution leveraging distributed hardware and software test agents. WAN assessments measure infrastructure capabilities and pinpoint variables impacting quality to help optimize delivery of Microsoft Lync and other challenging applications over time.