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Optimize Performance & Security with Real-time App & Threat Intelligence

Improve Performance and Decrypt Dangerous Threats
Ixia’s The Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Processor delivers real-time application data to monitoring tools to empower IT to make better decisions based on better data. ATI provides rich information on user behavior and location to help identify unknown applications, flag suspicious traffic, and leverage usage trends to improve performance.

ATI extends visibility beyond layer 4 data for deep knowledge of your network, including application bandwidth and geo-location of traffic. With Gartner predicting some 50% of threats will leverage SSL encryption by 2017, Ixia’s Application & Threat Intelligence (ATI) Processor also delivers a powerful security advantage through industry-first stateful SSL decryption. The solution can be deployed as a 48 x 10GE interface card standalone in a compact 1-rack-unit chassis (the NTO 6212), or within a Ixia Net Tool Optimizer (NTO) 7300 network packet broker (NPB) to achieve higher densities.