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DDoS Defense Validation Services for the Enterprise

DDoS Mitigation Testing: Stop Attacks without Stopping the Business
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks targeting business and government operations continue to grow in size, frequency, and worst of all, complexity. Attackers can easily rent a botnet or use low-orbit ion cannons to overwhelm the network and put revenues, data, and reputations at risk.

Prevent or mitigate the damage by hardening your defenses. Validate your ability to stop bad flows while allowing good traffic to pass, and improve your ability to coordinate internally or with cloud-based scrubbing service providers to respond and recover quickly. Use Ixia BreakingPoint to test defenses against a real-world mix of application, exploit, and malformed traffic. Measure the impact on applications, individual devices, networks, and data centers—before attacks actually occur.