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Applications only perform as well as the networks they run upon. Challenging real-time business services such as voice over IP (VoIP), unified communications (UC) and streaming video can be seriously impacted by bottlenecks and other hard-to-pinpoint issues in the network.

Ensure performance and ROI by assessing network readiness—before and after you deploy. Trusted by thousands of enterprises and government agencies worldwide, Ixia’s IxChariot network assessment suite equips IT with an industry-leading solution for assessing and troubleshooting network and application performance on wired, wireless, and virtual networks and data centers. An IxChariot Server works with performance endpoints distributed across multiple sites to simulate real-world applications and predict device, system, and network performance under realistic load conditions. IxChariot can be run from the cloud to capture network diagnostics, verify SLAs, and measure device and hypervisor performance anywhere, anytime.